10 Tips for Moving in the Hot Texas Summer

Summer is an extremely popular time to move — in fact, it’s the most popular! It makes sense because kids are out of school, and the weather is unlikely to be too harsh. In Texas, though, the summer heat can be pretty intense when you’re toting boxes or lifting heavy furniture. Not to worry! We’ve got some summer moving tips that will make your move a breeze!  

Tip 1: Don’t Procrastinate 

Summer is peak moving season, so as soon as you know you want to move, make a plan. You’ll want to begin the search for a moving company quickly so that you can be sure to get onto the right company’s schedule. Starting as early as possible also allows you enough time to pack and get ready without causing yourself undue stress. If you make a reasonable schedule, you can work in some downtime so that you can relax.  

Tip 2: Schedule Wisely 

Summer is the busiest season for moving, but some dates are more hectic than others. Weekends, especially at the beginning and end of the month, are sure to fill up quickly. Holidays like Memorial Day, too, are particularly busy for moving companies. Unless you can schedule a few months in advance, it’s better to choose a weekday for your move.  

Tip 3: Hire a Moving Company You Can Trust 

Do your homework, and look for a reputable, licensed moving company. Don’t just hire the first mover you see! Instead, talk to several different companies and collect quotes for your move. Read reviews, ask for references, and negotiate a fair price.  

Tip 4: Enlist Plenty of Help 

Moving can be a gargantuan task, but many hands make light work. Ask for help with packing from your friends and family members, and don’t hesitate to make your kids use some of their summer free time to get the family home prepped for the move. If you’ve planned with plenty of breaks worked into your schedule, you can even reward them with a trip to the pool or some ice cream once they’ve gotten a certain amount accomplished! 

Tip 5: Work Inside as Much as Possible 

In the summer, Texas temperatures can quickly escalate and become oppressive. Do most of your packing and sorting inside, where you can take advantage of air conditioning and fans. Try to schedule your outdoor work for the cooler times of day.  

Tip 6: Protect Your Things From the Heat 

Not everything is suited to move in a truck during the blazing heat of summer. Pack your items with care and remember to be especially cautious about things such as candles, electronics, musical instruments, albums, CDs, DVDs, leather furniture, perishable foods, and plants. Some of those things are probably better off traveling with you in your car.  

Tip 7: Remember the Rain 

Summer packs a lot of heat, but it also brings some serious summer squalls. As long as the storm that happens on your moving day is not a hurricane, there’s a strong probability that your movers will go ahead and do the move. Fortunately, you can use a few simple tricks to protect your belongings from the rain:  

  • Use large plastic garbage bags, closed with duct tape, to protect your furniture, artwork, and other items from water damage.  
  • Pick up some plastic containers for packing smaller items if there’s rain in the forecast for moving day.  
  • Wrap large furniture pieces in shrink wrap to protect them from the rain.  
  • Place cardboard sheets by your home’s entrance to prevent slips and falls on rain-slicked surfaces.  

Tip 8: Make Arrangements for Your Little Ones 

Children and pets are better off elsewhere on moving day, for their own safety and to help make the day go more smoothly. Curious children can easily end up underfoot, and nervous, excited pets are likely to dash off and get lost as strangers move in and out of your home. Having them in a separate location will help keep them safe and will make the entire experience less stressful for you. In the summer, it’s especially important to find a good place for them to go, because kids and pets are much more sensitive to heat exposure than adults are. Ask a trusted friend or family member to care for your kids and pets, keeping them in a cool, safe place for the duration of moving day.  

Tip 9: Be Proactive About the Heat 

When you’re moving in summer, you can be sure that the day will be hot. Keep yourself cool by wearing lightweight clothing and avoiding dark colors, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration is crucial on a hot summer day, so avoid consuming large quantities of caffeine in the form of coffee, soda, and energy drinks, sticking instead to water or sports drinks. Wear sunscreen, to protect yourself from UV rays while moving between the house, car, and truck repeatedly, and consider a hat with a brim to shade your face.  

Tip 10: Be Kind to Your Movers 

Movers get hot, too! Make sure you have cool drinks on hand to offer them while they’re working hard to help you get moved. Respect their need to take reasonable breaks, too. Movers are just as invested as you are in getting the job done quickly, but they also need to rest from time to time to stay safe.  

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