Climate controlled storage in Ft Worth, Dallas, Austin & Houston, TX

Firefighting’s Finest Moving and Storage offers safe and secure climate-controlled storage at four convenient locations in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX. Whether your property needs a layover between moving from one place to the next, or you have belongings that need long or short-term storage, our security-protected and monitored private storage options provide complete peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our moving and storage services.

We Do the Work for You

Our storage services have a clear advantage over your typical public storage unit. Why? Because our professional packers and movers transport your property to our facility with the utmost care.

Since our facilities are only accessible by our warehouse employees and management, your stored items have an extra layer of protection you won’t find at other places where anyone renting space can come and go 24 hours a day.

You won’t be responsible for moving, lifting, or packing your items either. That is all in the hands of our professional team.

How We Store Your Property

We offer complete storage of residential and commercial property. Our team will thoroughly inspect all items before storing them to ensure they are unharmed. Then, we pad-wrap items to keep them safe. We add an additional layer of protection of stretch film to keep everything secure. We guarantee that your items will be carefully managed and protected from harm as best as possible.

Benefits of Our Long and Short-Term Storage

In addition to professional handling when moving your belongings in and out of our storage facility, we offer the best value in the area among all moving and storage companies. We offer:

  • Climate-controlled storage units to guard against humidity and other elements
  • Flexible contracts
  • Month-to-month payment options
  • No long-term contract requirement
  • No minimums
  • Modern security features
  • Guarding against public access
  • Four convenient locations

Additional Storage Options

Having been in the business since 2001, we understand many homeowners and businesses have particular circumstances or requirements for moving and storage. We’ve taken steps to ensure we have a service to meet any needs you may have. In addition to our standard moving and storage options, we offer:

  • Shipping – Our climate-controlled units accept shipments of items to receive and store upon arrival.
  • Premium Vault Storage – This long-term storage option for two months or more is for entire rooms to be packed in a vault. The vault is then moved to our vault storage unit area protected by a state-of-the-art burglar alarm and fire-suppression system.
  • Document Management – We offer services for cold document storage and management.
  • Oversized Item Storage
  • Rack Storage
  • Pallet Storage

Learn More About Our Storage Services

Sometimes you need to move before your new home or office location is ready. Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage has you covered with climate-controlled storage services to keep your property safe from harm until it’s ready to be transported and unpacked. Contact us to learn more about our storage services or get a free online estimate.