FAQs About Our Texas Moving Company

Thank you for scheduling your move with Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage, we look forward to assisting you with your upcoming move. To help you prepare, we have compiled and answered this list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact our professional moving consultants should you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, or if you need further clarification of any topic addressed below.

If you have feedback—good or bad—on your moving crew:

Please contact a member of Firefighting’s Finest management at 844-737-7800 or by email to management@firefightermovers.com.

What Can I Do To Help Facilitate My Move?

The most important thing you can do is to be prepared. Preparation includes having all loose items boxed and sealed. Break down any furniture that needs to be broken down, such as mirrors, beds, or multi-piece furniture. If you have not broken down items, the crew can perform basic break down and reassembly. We cannot break down or assemble cribs under any circumstance. Also, having a plan of where the items will go in your new residence is helpful. Have keys and access to your new residence, so there is no unnecessary wait time. You may bring items to the truck. However, you cannot get on the truck or go into the cargo box, including the ramp and liftgate. The better prepared you are, the faster the move will go.

Do I Need to Empty Chest of Drawers, Dressers or Refrigerators?

While we prefer them to be empty, furniture such as dressers and chests of drawers generally do not need to be emptied, provided they contain clothes, linens, towels and the like. Clothes, towels and linens are the only items that may be left in furniture. Be aware that dressers and chests of drawers will have to be tipped and sometimes stood upright. Therefore, the contents will be subject to shifting. Items such as nightstands, desks and cabinets should be emptied of all items, especially items that can spill or break. Simply put, all items, other than clothes or linens, must be removed from drawers, cabinets, filing cabinets, desks, credenzas, buffets and all other furniture. Refrigerators and freezers should be cleaned out as well. If you need assistance in transferring or setting up your utilities, you can assistance at My Utilities.

Do You Offer a Full-Service Packing Crew?

Yes, we offer packing services. We are a full-service moving company and offer a packing crew. However, our moving crews cannot do any packing on the day of the move. Please contact a moving consultant if you would like more information or to schedule a full-service packing crew to assist you.

Do You Have Boxes and/or Moving Supplies?

We do offer a full selection of boxes and supplies. Please call the office and speak to one of our professional moving consultants for more information on boxes and other moving supplies.

What Kind of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, check, cashier’s check, money orders and all major credit cards. Certain types of moves, such as moves into storage, loading a truck or long-distance moves may require payment in cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card. We reserve the right to require any type of move to be paid in cash only. All rates are generally given with a cash or check payment discount. If a credit card is used for payment, the rate will not have this discount applied. Please retain your completed copy of the contract for your records. Any requests for a copy of the contract or an invoice in another format will be subject to a $25 service fee. All returned checks will be charged a fee of $30.

Service Deposit: We request a service deposit at the time of booking. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the type of job (local or long distance) and the amount of resources (trucks and manpower) dedicated for the service. Please contact us two days prior to the move, or we will contact you to confirm. Cancellation and/or date changes after confirmation will result in the forfeiture of the deposit, and a new deposit will be required to reschedule the service.

Planning The Moving Timeline: Will My Movers Be On Time?

If you are the first move of the day your movers should arrive on time, barring some unforeseen complication. If there will be a delay, the crew should notify you. Jobs that are given flex starts, have approximate start times that are not guaranteed. The crew will generally arrive at some point during the time frame given to you. Your crew should call once they arrive at their first job and are able to estimate how long the first move should take. Your crew will call you at least 30 minutes in advance to let you know they are on the way. Since moving jobs can go over or under estimated times, the second and third jobs on their schedules may get pushed back or moved up. It is best to be prepared to move at anytime on the day of your scheduled move. If the crew cannot make their initial estimated time of arrival, they will call and update you on the new anticipated arrival time. We will do everything possible to have a crew arrive during the time frame initially given. It is important that you know not to arrange important dates, meetings or other events on your move date, just in case a job before you run over. Please allow plenty of open time on your move date to ensure that this does not create any problems for your personal or professional lives.

Should I Tip My Movers?

Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated. Our professional movers work very hard to ensure your move is done efficiently and damage free. They greatly appreciate you recognizing their hard work with gratuity.

What If I Need To Cancel Or Change My Move Date?

If you need to change or cancel your move for any reason, please try to give us at least 48 hours notice.

Will I Be Charged Extra For Specialty Items?

There is an extra charge for certain specialty items, including but not limited to gun safes, pianos, flat screen TVs and Tempur-Pedic mattresses. If you have any of these items, or any items you are not sure about, please call us at 844-737-7800. All jobs are subject to either a fuel or travel fee depending on the total distance covered.

Can you help Connecting and Reconnecting Washer, Dryer or Refrigerator?

Unfortunately our professional moving crews cannot disconnect or reconnect any water or gas lines to any appliances. Additionally, our crews cannot change the power cord on dryers nor connect and/or reconnect gas lines on any appliance. If you have a front loading washer, it is your responsibility to secure the drum beforehand with the manufacturer provided hardware by an approved appliance service professional. Firefighting’s Finest will not remove doors from refrigerators with water lines, electrical lines, ice dispensers including travel ways for the ice or cabinetry within the refrigerator door. These doors must be removed and reinstalled by qualified appliance service specialists.

Do you provide Storage of Refrigerators, Washers and Freezers?

When storing these items in a Firefighting’s Finest facility, they must be turned off the night before and all water drained from any lines prior to Firefighting’s Finest arrival. Additionally, a moisture absorbent material must be placed in the refrigerator and/or freezer, as well as any item with moisture and all closed compartments of the item.

Are There Items That We Will Not Move?

Firearms, whether loaded or unloaded, may not be moved under any circumstance. We cannot move anything flammable, hazardous or toxic. This includes, but is not limited to, propane bottles, gas cans, pesticides, paint, etc. We will not move any power equipment unless it has been emptied of fuel and/or oil. If an item is moved with any flammable, toxic or hazardous liquid and is spilled in our truck or anywhere else, you will be responsible for paying for the necessary repairs and all costs related to the spill, clean up, replacement and/or repair of any and all items affected by the spill and/or mitigation process.

Damage Compensation, Insurance and Worker’s Comp Coverage:

Firefighting’s Finest has policies regarding the release of sensitive company information. We meet the State of Texas standard for compensation for loss or damage, which is $0.60 per pound, per item. This is not insurance, even though some companies may tell you so. We offer Full Value Protection, which carries a higher level of liability. Company policy strictly prohibits the release of our exact insurance coverage, policies and amounts to a limited number of parties. We can only release this information to building management companies and authorized vendors. Rest assured that Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage, Inc. meets or exceeds all State of Texas standards and requirements for a moving company. Compliance can be verified through TxDMV’s website.

Truck Access, Elevators, Clearances, etc.:

Firefighting’s Finest uses fully enclosed box trucks. Most trucks are 26 feet, and we also have some 28-foot trucks plus the cab. Trucks this large require overhead clearance of at least 13 feet across the entire width of the truck (at least 8 feet). Additionally, all driving and parking surfaces must be capable of holding 26,000 pounds without the truck sinking or getting stuck. If your facility has an elevator, please ensure that it can be used by our crews. If it is possible to lock out the elevator, please get any necessary equipment. If the elevator must be reserved, please coordinate with your Moving Consultant on the time frame it should be reserved for.

Meals and Breaks for the Moving Crew:

Firefighting’s Finest crews will generally not stop for meals when the job is expected to take less than five hours. Should the job take more time, meal breaks may be taken at the discretion of the crew supervisor. Should the crew stop at a restaurant and eat there, they will stop the clock for an appropriate amount of time and restart the clock when they leave the restaurant. However, should the crew make a brief stop and get a meal to go, stop for fuel or for drinks, the clock will generally not be stopped provided the stop does not take more than 15 minutes. Firefighting’s Finest management works with our day-of moving staff to ensure these types of breaks are minimized. However, they can be unavoidable at times and are considered part of the normal job routine.

Moving Conditions:

Firefighting’s Finest reserves the right to refuse service in conditions that are not safe, sanitary, organized or clean for work to be performed. Unsanitary or unsafe conditions, such as bed bugs, infestation, or hoarding are examples of situations in which Firefighting’s Finest may determine that the move is not safe enough to be performed. In such cases, the move will be considered a cancellation, and the service deposit will be forfeited to Firefighting’s Finest.