7 Moving Tips for the Day After the Move

Moving is never easy, and it seems like no matter what, you can never prepare enough. This is especially true for first-time movers and even those that haven’t moved in a long time. To take stress away on the day after the move day, follow these 7 moving tips.

  1. Declutter your belongings. Take what you need. Donate the rest. Some people have a 1 year rule, if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. We’ll help you with this–One Warm Coat is one of our local donation partners. We can also help with food in the pantry–Tarrant Area Food Bank accepts non-perishables.
  2. Clearly label your boxes with the room and contents. Boxes with essentials should stand out, perhaps some colored tape on the corners or an asterisk on the sides.
  3. Prepare a bag or small suitcase for the first day or two, including toiletries.
  4. Have a set of clean sheets, towels, and pillows separated and clearly labeled so you can crash as quick as possible when you are done.
  5. Buy or rent wardrobe boxes, especially if using a professional moving service. Simply hanging your clothes in these boxes will save a tremendous amount of time and effort, as well as keep them clean and ready to be worn again.
  6. Keep important documents, medications, jewelry and other high value items in your control at all times.
  7. Buy what you need today. On your first trip to the store, don’t buy weeks and weeks worth of food. Buy enough to last you 3 to 5 days and build up your pantry from there.

Moving is challenging–just finding the perfect place for your budget, your lifestyle and your needs is a difficult task. Then organizing, preparing, and planning the move is even more time consuming and stressful. But, following these 7 moving tips and, when possible, hiring a reputable moving company to serve you will help ease the transition from old to new!