A Message From Us Regarding the Coronavirus

Thank you for choosing Firefighting’s Finest for your upcoming move. We are proud to be the highest quality moving company in the state of Texas. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and yours.

At Firefighting’s Finest, safety is always job #1. Safety can and does encompass a wide range. Safety in driving, using proper lifting techniques to safety in warehouse and other operations. With the current healthcare crisis, we are now facing safety issues beyond what we normally experience.

In order to maintain the highest levels of safety, we have and will continue to implement new ideas and recommendations from agencies such as the CDC, Texas HHS, AMSA and SMA.

  • We have stepped up our cleaning and disinfection of all equipment, including truck cabs.
  • We have instituted a stringent health policy and all staff have been directed that they are required to stay home if they have a fever, acute respiratory illness or cough.
  • At the beginning of each workday, all staff are formally evaluated for physical fitness and health and these areas are specifically evaluated.
  • Any staff that do come to work will be sent home and will not return to work until cleared by credentialed medical professionals.
  • Any staff that do come to work with these symptoms will be sent home and will not return to work until cleared by credentialed medical professionals.

Additionally, we ask that you evaluate your health as well. Please advise our staff as quickly as possible if you have these signs or symptoms. If you, or anyone present or that you have been in contact with has these signs and symptoms, please contact us as quickly as possible. For your safety and our safety, we cannot provide services if you or anyone else at your service site(s) presents these signs or symptoms.

Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the closest office for more information.

Fort Worth: 817 737 7800 or Fortworth@firefightermovers.com

Houston: 281 353 1960 or Houston.office@firefightermovers.com

Dallas : 469 737 7800 or Dallas@firefightermovers.com

Austin: 512 361 6683 or Austin@firefightermovers.com