Best Practices For Spring Cleaning Around The House

Spring is almost here! We are on the cusp of warmer temperatures that will elevate our moods and motivate us to get out of the house. In this season of blooming flowers and fresh air, many of us take the time to air out our homes and reorganize piles that have been lying dormant for months. It’s time for spring cleaning!

Many people are surprised to find out that cleaning out your home has marked health benefits for you and for your family. Some of these benefits include:

  • Stronger immune system and heart health
  • A reduction in stress and an increase in productivity
  • Elevated mood, more balanced emotions, and improved sleeping patterns

With all of these benefits pointing to the inevitable, perhaps it’s time we implemented some spring cleaning measures to improve the quality of our lives. How can we effectively do this without getting overwhelmed?

Make a list

Few projects are successfully completed without a list and a bit of pre-planning. Many people don’t realize what is included in a spring cleaning project—a good rule to follow is that spring cleaning includes everything that you wouldn’t normally clean on a weekly basis that cannot be ignored indefinitely. Items to include in your spring cleaning list include:

  • Windows and frames
  • Cupboards
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Refrigerator coils
  • Drawers and closets
  • Floors and baseboards
  • Walls and doors
  • Light fixtures
  • Filters
  • Furniture
  • Window treatments

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of spring cleaning chores, it will get you pointed in the right direction; with every item that you cross off, your momentum will grow and you’ll be more excited about what the end result will look and feel like.

Get the worst done first

Only you know which project you are dreading the most—don’t put it off any longer. Make an appointment to get it done, and tackle it with reckless abandon. Your cleaning confidence will grow, and you’ll be on track to complete other jobs in less and less time. In no time, you’ll be enjoying a home that looks and feels brand new.

Assemble tools and supplies

Spring cleaning jobs often require specialized chemicals and tools that you wouldn’t use on a regular basis. Making sure you have these things on hand ensures that you don’t procrastinate due to being unprepared. Make a list of what you think you might need, go get it and start scrubbing. The thing that holds us back most is our inaction; getting started will expedite a finish date, and that is something to celebrate!

If you don’t know how to clean something, do a bit of research

Plenty of information exists online and in books regarding the best way to tackle a cleaning job. If you need more help with carpet extraction, read up on it or watch an online demonstration by an expert who has done it before. Knowing what you are getting into will save you time, money, and emotional distress as you figure out how to fix your mistakes.

Resist the urge to spot clean

Spring cleaning is all about doing a thorough job; resist the urge to spot clean and give yourself the gift of a job well done. Spot cleaning can discolor surfaces and make things look even more unsightly than they were before; clean all surfaces, appliances, and floors thoroughly and they will be restored to a glorious clean finish once more.

person cleaning window seal with spone while wearing gloves

Practice safe cleaning

Using chemicals and equipment that you are not familiar with has the potential to cause bodily harm. Make sure you are using proper safety precautions when mixing and using chemicals, disposing of cleaning solutions, and even using ladders to clean, as all can put you in a position to hurt yourself and others. Read instructions and follow precautions to ensure a healthier, safer home.

Don’t be afraid to tackle small repairs

Whether it is a missing caulk in the shower, a jiggly toilet handle, or chipped sheetrock in your living room, taking the time to repair these small issues as you go will instill confidence that you can clean and maintain your home properly. When in doubt, ask for help, and take pride in the job you are doing. You deserve a clean, well cared for home.

Implement clutter control

Spring cleaning is a great time to evaluate your belongings and determine what you can let go of. Many of us have clothing and personal items that are just lying around, and we have little use for them anymore. Take the opportunity to go through drawers, closets, and storage spaces and get rid of what you don’t need as a means of moving stagnant energy from your home. It will look and feel better, spurring you on to even bigger and better projects. If you need items taken to storage, call a reliable moving company like Firefighting’s Finest to move the items quickly and safely to storage.

Call in a professional

Sometimes, we get in over our heads, no matter how great our intentions were at the beginning of a project. If you find yourself in need of help, call in a professional to help you finish a job. Plenty of cleaning companies are at your disposal, ready to come to your aid and finish any cleaning job you have. If you have the means, ask for help and make your burden a bit easier.

Work as a team

Are there others in your house who can help you accomplish this seemingly daunting task? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and make it a family thing! As you all work together to get the job done, you’ll all have a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with working toward a common goal.

Are you ready?

Even if you don’t enjoy cleaning, it is our hope that these simple tips will help you start chipping away at your own unique list and uncover a clean, beautiful home like you’ve dreamed of creating for you and your family. What are you waiting for? Put on your gloves and start scrubbing….a beautiful home is a few simple tasks away!

Thinking about moving?

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