How Firefighting’s Finest Uses Vaults to Store Your Possessions

Life can be pretty unpredictable, especially when it comes time to move. Just when you think everything is set up the way you want, a curveball gets thrown your way and you need to store your belongings for a week, a month, even years. Should you need to store your items, there are many options available from traditional self-storage, to PODS, even garages and barns of your friends and family. There is now an additional option available for those who are looking for a more secure, white glove level of treatment for their belongings while in storage—the vaults at Firefighting’s Finest secure warehouses.

Firefighting’s Finest offers long-term storage in vaults. Vaults are wood and plywood containers that are 8’ tall, 8’ deep and about 4’ wide. Vaults offer a unique and secure way to store your belongings and have many advantages over other forms of storage, especially at any of Firefighting’s Finest secure warehouses.


One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Firefighting’s Finest vaults is security. Our vaults are stored in our secure, climate-controlled warehouses that are monitored 24/7. Our secure warehouses also have the benefits of limited access. While at many self-storage facilities, anyone can access the storage units 24 hours a day, at Firefighting’s Finest only our warehouse staff and management are allowed in our warehouses. Customers that have items warehoused must make an appointment to access their vaults and are accompanied by Firefighting’s Finest staff at all times while they are at our facility.


All items in Firefighting’s Finest vaults are well protected. Our team will properly pack your items—both for long term-storage and a trip across Texas. However, for long-term storage in vaults, your items receive an additional level of care. Your belongings will be pad wrapped then stretch wrapped prior to being loaded into the vault. Once each vault is fully loaded, the vault is closed up and securely banded. While in transit, vaults are frequently covered with heavy tarps to further protect them from the elements. In other forms of storage, if an incident happens, your items are directly exposed; however, in vaults, they are pad wrapped, stretch wrapped and then securely enclosed in a container that will keep them safe and dry for an extended period of time.


Items can be misplaced, lost or even stolen from traditional self-storage units. However, with Firefighting’s Finest, two inventories will be taken. Firefighting’s Finest staff will take a master inventory in which each and every item and box is accounted for. Additionally, each vault will be inventoried as well. These inventories will be cross-checked and matched once you request your storage be released back to you. Copies of these inventories can and will be provided to you to further give you peace of mind.

Limited Handling

Most damages that occur during the moving process take place during handling of your belongings. Many companies move the items out to the truck or storage container unprotected, then protect the items and load them as needed. Firefighting’s Finest pads and protects your items prior to being moved to the truck or vault. With traditional self-storage, your items will have to be handled multiple times instead of once with vaults. Less handling means a reduced chance for damages.

On-Site Loading

Firefighting’s Finest vaults are typically loaded onto a flat bed trailer that is then brought out to your residence or commercial property and loaded on-site in front of you. This allows you to watch and view the entire loading and handling process as well as verify the inventories and even group items or boxes you may need access into one vault.

Financial Security

Many other storage options do not additional financial protection in the case of damages. Items are stored at your own risk. At Firefighting’s Finest secure warehouses, you automatically receive peace of mind in the form of compensation at $0.30 per pound, per item. There are additional protection options available, at additional cost, based on the weight or the value you declare of the shipment.

Should you need to store your items for an extended period of time, Firefighting’s Finest is here to provide you safety, security, and peace of mind that is priceless. Click here to learn more about our vaults in your area.