How much will my move cost? No two relocations are the same.

You have a new place and are looking forward to moving. But have you counted the total move cost?

Be prepared for more than just moving pains, especially if you are relocating to another state.

Many Variables in Every Move

Every move is different, so it is hard set an average price. Every house is different, and every move is different, even when moving the same items. Weather, how organized you are if you do the packing and much more or less you have accumulated can all play big roles in changing the time and cost of one move to the next. Another key factor is the location of the home and the move destination. Some local movers won’t move out of state and some interstate movers won’t move in state.

Many times, for interstate moves, costs are determined by the weight of a shipment for interstate move or by a flat or set cost. Determining the cost of the move can be done this way for moves more than 150 miles intrastate, while most moves within 150 miles are priced by the hour.

When using shipment weight as the determining factor for the cost, an empty truck is weighed on a scale and then reweighed after it is loaded. Additional cost factors can be any items of high or extraordinary value (typically considered $100 per lb., per item) as well as any additional liability the customer takes out on the carrier above standard carrier’s liability. Standard carrier’s liability is $0.60 per lb., per item.

Long Distance Moves

Some people are surprised to learn what moving costs can be, especially for long distance and interstate moves. If using a white glove local mover is not cost effective for you, other alternatives include renting a one-way truck and having a local mover load and unload at each location.

When using a local moving company to handle your interstate relocation, be sure not to use a company that completely subcontracts with other companies to handle the move. Your belongings should always stay in one company’s care, custody, and control.

Unlike some van lines, white glove local movers can provide a very personalized that is time definite. They will have a team that packs everything, and the guys loading the truck are the same ones who will actually drive and unload at your destination. Moving can be stressful, so white glove local moving companies can take the stress out of long-distance moves. That often results in positive relationships with the clients, but there are still challenges.

A lot goes into moving a household. It is a very tricky and sensitive business. The best movers have to be thick-skinned, understand the stress people are under while moving, and care about their customers.