Moving With Pets: What You Should Know

The day has come and you’re ready to move, but your pet may not be. The process of moving is overwhelming and stressful for most and the same can be said for your pet. As the home becomes empty and new strangers come to move your belongings, it can be stressful for them as well.

Before you pack your last box, make sure your pet is ready for the move. To reduce the stress on your pets, here are several ways to make their move easier.

Contact Your Vet

If you’re moving away from the area, make sure you have all of your pet’s records. Be sure to ask your vet for any medical history documentation, vaccination records, or medications that your pet has. You may also need to request a health certificate or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection — some states require that you have this and your next veterinarian might need it. You can look up the required pet documentation needed in each state here.

You can also ask your vet if they can recommend another vet in the new area you’re moving to. 

Keep Your Pet Away From The Action

Move your pet to a quiet place in the house on the day of the move. A bedroom or bathroom works great. This way, they don’t come in contact with the movers and it can be quiet for them to relax. Remember to check on them occasionally and take them out for short walks or a quick snack.

Keeping them confined to a room can also limit their chances of escaping. Going in and out of rooms gets repetitive and movers can easily forget which room your pet is confined to. Add a sign to the door saying, “Keep Closed”, to let movers know your pet is in there.

Always check on your pets. Movers aren’t responsible for looking after your pet during a move.

Do the same when you’re unpacking. Keep the pet in their crate or a quiet room in the house. Once the movers are gone and you’re alone with your pet, then let them out to explore.

“Best practice would be to make accommodations,” said Derrick Potter, president of Firefighting’s Finest Movers & Storage. “Prior to the move, make arrangements for pet daycare or for them to stay with a friend, family member, groomer, etc.”

Get Them Acclimated

Before the move, get them acclimated to their crate. Take them on a drive to get them familiar with the car. Take your dog on walks in the new neighborhood if you’re moving close by. This will help them get familiar with the change that’s going to happen.

Update All Records

Young latina woman working as veterinary
Young latina woman working as veterinary, vet talking to dog owner during house call. Animal doctor writing note for pet prescription medicine at home. Close-up of hand holding pen

Update their collar or tag with the new address. Make sure your name, phone number, and address are correct. If they are microchipped, update your contact information with the proper company as well.

Make A Moving Bag

Make a bag of items that you’ll need for your pet during your move. Pack food, water, cat litter, leash, and a couple of toys to keep them occupied. Bring their crate as well for easier transport.

Moving Aquariums or Cages

For normal-sized cages, movers won’t typically charge extra. Large cages or aquariums with custom dimensions will cost extra due to difficult maneuvers around walls and the additional care required. Most times, it’s recommended to hire a third-party service that specializes in moving custom-sized aquariums and cages.

“Best practice is to always give as much information as available to your moving consultant during your initial consultation to determine if special services are required,” Potter recommended.

Tour The House With Your Pet

Let your pet tour the new home when you arrive. Dogs are curious and want to sniff every inch of the new home. Cats are more reserved and take time to adjust. Give them time as they adjust to their new home.

Moving with pets is difficult. Take your time and don’t rush when you pack. Take the extra time to make sure your pet is comfortable. Speak to your vet about medication to possibly sedate your pet if they are skittish.
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