Packing for a Move 101

While moving to a new home can be exciting, packing is typically the part that is the most dreaded. It can seem overwhelming to wrap your head around the idea of taking all of your belongings and packing them into boxes while keeping them organized, but it is possible when you have a plan of action.

We have created a guide for you to pack your house, room by room, and stay organized through the process. That way, when your movers arrive, the moving process can go smoothly and so will the unpacking.

How to Pack a Box

  • Add a layer of bubble wrap or newspaper to the bottom of the box for padding. Place additional padding between each layer of objects.
  • Place the heaviest items at the bottom, building up the box with lighter objects.
  • Before you close the box, make sure every item is covered with a layer of padding to ensure your items won’t break when moved.
  • Make sure that the box is packed tightly and sealed with tape, so the items won’t shift.

If the item is fragile:

  • Individually wrap each item.
  • Pack them in separate boxes or limit a few items to one box.
  • Fully cushion the inside of the box on all sides.

How to Get Started

  • Start packing in your smallest room and move on to larger rooms as you pack.
  • Pack the items you use the least first and save the items you use the most often for last.
  • Determine which of your items are the most fragile and pack those in separate boxes with plenty of padding.
  • Group like items together in boxes.

Organizing Your Boxes

  • Once you are finished packing a box, write a list of the contents of the box on the side with a marker.
  • Label each box by room. If you have the time to go into your new living space and label each room using paper, then your movers can place each box within the correct room.
  • If you have boxes that are a higher priority to unpack than others, mark them as high priority so you can recognize which boxes need to be unpacked.

By following these steps, your packing will be more organized, and your movers will be able to move you in a more efficient way. Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage can help you pack, store, and move your items – for more information, contact us today.