Should I hire a moving company to go across the country?

When you’re moving from one neighborhood to another in the same town, it’s easy to get moving help, perhaps for as little as the cost of bribing your friends with pizza. When you’re moving across country, it’s well worth a little more money to hire a professional moving company. Why? Let’s look at the benefits of having a full service moving company handle your long distance move.

  • Hiring movers will save you time. Did you know that cross country moves can take weeks to finish? Packing, loading, driving, and unloading can seem to take forever, but when you hire professional movers to do all of these tasks for you, you free up your time and energy. That way, you can focus on wrapping up all the things you have to do to get out of town, or on spending time with friends and family, having a celebratory sendoff instead of filling your days with stress over your move. When moving day arrives, you can get on a plane and fly to your new home, confident that your belongings are safe in the competent hands of experienced movers who will bring them directly to your home.
  • Professional moving assistance can alleviate stress. Any time you move, it can be stressful. When you need to move across the country, it’s a very complicated endeavor! There are so many moving parts involved, and so much goes into packing up your life and transitioning to a new place. When you hire a full service moving company, you can let them handle a lot of those little details.
  • Moving companies are staffed by professional movers. Do you know how to drive a moving truck? It’s not like driving your own vehicle. Especially when all of your belongings are loaded onto the truck, it’s a very heavy load, and difficult to maneuver. These large trucks have multiple blind spots, and it’s very difficult to get them in and out of tight spaces. Loading up a rental truck and driving it across town is difficult enough for someone with no training or experience- can you even imagine taking one of those things across the country? Driving on all of those unfamiliar highways and interstates with all of your belongings at risk in the back can make for a stressful time for anyone. When you hire a professional moving company, you’re hiring people who not only know how to pack boxes and load up a truck, but also to drive that large vehicle safely and smoothly. What’s more, a moving company vets its drivers, so you know that the people handling your belongings are background-checked, drug-testes, and fully trained.
  • A professional moving company will guarantee your delivery time. Make sure you choose a moving company that guarantees your date. If your belongings arrive before you have a place for them, you’ll have to figure out how to temporarily store them. If they don’t arrive in time, you’ll be at your new home with no furniture, waiting to unpack your things. A guaranteed delivery date makes sure you get your possessions when you’re ready to put them into your new home.
  • When you hire a moving company to transport your things, they’ll arrive safely. Keeping your belongings safe and transit can be a challenge, but professional movers know exactly how to make it happen. They use professional packing strategies and top quality material to ensure that all of your belongings are well protected and on a cross country move they put in additional time and effort to make sure your valuables are safe. What’s more, when you hire movers, you often get insurance as part of your moving package. You can buy more insurance for yourself if you so choose, but there is protection offered at no additional cost to you when you hire movers.
  • Simply put, hiring movers makes your life easier. Do you really need a reason to hire movers besides the fact that it makes your life easier? Especially if you are moving with pets or children, it’s important to keep things simple and make it easier for them to adjust. Hiring professional movers allows you to take care of your family and get settled in your new home with no hassles..
  • For small moves cross country, hiring a professional moving company may even be the most economical option. What if you only have a one bedroom apartment to move? Wouldn’t it be easier to pack it up in a truck and drive it across the country on your own? Not necessarily. Once you factor in all the necessary moving materials and the cost of the van, you’ll find that moving yourself is not only stressful and inconvenient but can also be expensive.

If you’re interested in hiring movers to help you get your things across country but are nervous about the expenditure, rest assured that there are ways to make it a less costly endeavor. First, do a cost-comparison of moving yourself or hiring a mover. Be sure to factor in all of the expenses, from moving materials to renting the truck, because those can all add up quickly. Before you move, declutter, getting rid of unnecessary items so there will be less to pack. And if you have a choice on when to move, be wise about choosing your moving date. Schedule at least two weeks in advance, and try to settle on a mid-week moving day.

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