Should I Hire a Moving Company to Move One Piece of Furniture?

When you need to move a big house full of stuff, you hire a moving company. It saves you a lot of time and back strain, and movers have a lot of valuable experience that helps them do the job right. But what if you need to move just one piece of furniture? Should you hire a moving company for that? The truth is, people do it all time. Here are a few different kinds of situations that warrant hiring a moving company to move one item. 


Pianos are the most common item to be professionally moved on its own, especially in a music town like Austin. Pianos are big, heavy and delicate. Small upright pianos tend to weigh between 300 to 500 pounds. Baby grand pianos usually weigh between 500 and 650 pounds. Grand pianos run a wide range, weighing between 700 and 1200 pounds. Pianos are delicate instruments with 88 keys, over 200 strings, two or three pedals, a lid, a keyboard lid, and often a prop stick. 

Pianos also have a very wide range of monetary values. Some old models in poor condition and/or in need of new strings are often given away for free by people who want to save space, or don’t want to move it to a new home. Some grand piano models are valued at many thousands of dollars and should be insured before moving. 

Another trick about grand pianos, besides the heavy weight and moving parts, is their size. Some concert grand pianos are over nine feet long. The width of pianos doesn’t vary nearly as much, averaging around five feet. No matter what kind you have, a piano is a very bulky instrument that requires a lot of care, measurement and planning to move. There are special piano movers in most metro areas. 

Pool or Billiard Tables

Pool and billiard tables aren’t quite as delicate as pianos, and have fewer moving parts, but they are really big and Pool and billiard tables aren’t quite as delicate as pianos, and have fewer moving parts, but they are really big and heavy so don’t try to move it yourself. They vary in length from six feet to ten feet. They vary greatly in weight, from 180 pounds to 600 pounds, if they’re wood. Slate pool tables are less common and much heavier, ranging from 500 to 2500 pounds. Some pool tables have a somewhat delicate system inside that returns balls to you. They all have a felt surface that can be pretty expensive to replace or fix if damaged, so this needs to be covered during the moving process. 

Hot Tubs / Jacuzzis

Some hot tubs can be moved from one home to another, but it’s not easy. Their weight averages 500 pounds but ranges from 100 pounds to a whopping 1000 pounds when empty. They can take up a lot of space, too. A large hot tub will be seven or eight feet wide. For safety and insurance reasons, many moving companies will not disconnect or reconnect the water supply, so you may need to do that yourself or hire someone for that step. (A Jacuzzi, by the way, is just a brand name of hot tub , featuring water jets)

Heavy Appliances

Moving heavy appliances can be a real chore, especially if there are any stairs involved. Dryers weigh around 125 pounds, on average. Dishwashers are around 150 pounds. Washing machines average around 200. Washer and dryer combos weigh around 180 to 200 pounds. Refrigerators are of course the heaviest, averaging around 300 pounds. Trying to move these items by yourself or with a friend or family member can really do a number on your back. Professionals have a lot of experience lifting these bulky items, and also have the appropriate dolly and other tools to make the move go smoothly, without scratching any walls or doorways. 

Outdoor Playsets

An outdoor playset is a lot of fun to play on, but not a lot of fun to move. Lots of people don’t take them with them to a new home just to avoid the trouble, especially if they aren’t used that often. But some kids really love their playsets, and some of them are really valuable and well-constructed and worth moving. The disassembly and reassembly process can be complicated, and some of the parts can be heavy or awkward to carry and transport, so hiring a moving company might be worth the cost. 

Big and Heavy Furniture Items

Sometimes you see a great piece of furniture for sale online. It’s in great shape, and in the perfect style, and color. But there’s one problem. It’s way too big and/or heavy for you to pick up, or get down the stairs, or fit in your car. This can happen with dining tables, dressers, sofas, recliners, buffets, bureaus, desks, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, wardrobes and beds. Trying to move some of these items by yourself or with a family member can be awkward, embarrassing, and impractical. You can damage the walls or hurt your back, so don’t hesitate to call a moving company and ask for a quote. It’ll probably cost a lot less than a medical bill, and be a lot more pleasant too.

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