The Importance of Safety When Hiring a Moving Company

From convenience to efficiency, there are a lot of reasons to hire a moving company instead of trying to do it yourself. Having someone else move your furniture, load your boxes, and transport your belongings helps alleviate the stress that comes with moving. However, hiring someone to do this also means you’ll be allowing people you hardly know into your home where they get an up-close and personal look at everything you own, as well as your new residence.

Because of this, it’s extremely important to research various companies in your area before choosing someone to move your things. At Firefighting’s Finest, our highest priority is the happiness and safety of our customers. Still, there are plenty of precautions to take and things to check for before making your decision. Here are some ways to properly vet your movers.

Do the Research

With search review platforms like Verified Reviews, Google Reviews and Yelp, it’s never been easier to find out more about the companies you’re considering, including what others are saying about them and how their experiences have been. Verified Reviews is a trusted third-party review site that fully vets reviewers to ensure their authenticity.

With Google, simply type in the name of the company or, if you’re not sure, simply search, “Moving companies near me,” for more options. Google provides directions and ratings on the search page to make the process as painless as possible.

You can dig a little deeper and visit local forums where people offer their recommendations. A great site for this is Reddit, which is an online forum and sharing site with subreddits (pages within the site for more specific needs) for everything, including particular cities (such as Fort Worth and Austin) or relocating, where people can ask for tips on packings their things or hiring movers.

Check the Hiring Process

When discussing your upcoming move with a moving company, ask about the company’s process for hiring employees to ensure your safety and the safety of your belongings. What sort of precautions does the company take to ensure the quality of their employees?

Moving is a unique service because those hired will be tasked with entering your former and new home, not to mention packing and moving your valuable possessions from place to place. It’s vital you check with the company and reviews to see how they find and choose their employees.

At Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage, every employee goes through a thorough background check and is required to provide at least two referrals. As current and former off-duty firefighters, our top priority is protecting our customers and the things important to them.

Certifications and Awards

Another great way to check the quality of the moving company you’re considering is checking to see if they are up to date on their certifications. Most states require moving companies to be USDOT certified and licensed to drive commercial vehicles. These are the fundamental requirements, but there are other things to check for as well.

Professional movers are supposed to be certified under the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Within the AMSA, there are also Pinnacle Movers, recognized for their commitment to quality. In 2009, the association created a new program known as ProMover, designed to protect customers from people posing as movers attempting to scam customers. Check for Pinnacle Mover certifications with companies you’re considering.

At Firefighting’s Finest, we understand what certifications and awards mean to our customers and how it reflects our character, which is why we are certified in the ProMover program. We have also received several awards, including some from the Better Business Bureau.

Vetting your movers is the most important step to take when it comes to making your moving decision, so we have gone the extra mile to make sure you feel that we are a company you can trust. For more information about our services, and to ask additional questions, contact us today.

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