What is Considered a Long Distance Moving in Arlington TX?

Most of the time, when you’re moving within a state, it’s considered a local move. Whether you’re going from Tucson to Phoenix, from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, or from Orlando to Tampa, it’s all just local. You don’t need anything more than a local moving company, because there are no special conditions or regulations that apply to these short moves, less than a couple hundred miles or so, within a state. If you live in Texas, however, it’s a different story. As you’ve probably noticed, this state is quite large, with the cities very spread out from one another. In fact, the cities can be so far apart that in some cases, a move within Texas is considered a long distance move, even though it’s in the same state. So, what is considered long distance moving in Arlington, Texas?

The answer depends on where you’re going and which moving company you’re using. Typically, when the distance you’re moving exceeds 400 miles, it’s a long distance move. So, if you’re moving from Arlington to Waco, there’s no problem. However, if the move is to somewhere further away in the state, like Fort Stockton, this will end up being more than 400 miles. It doesn’t cross state borders, but it’s still a long distance to travel. If the moving company you hire goes strictly by mileage, it will be considered a long-distance move. The residential movers you hire won’t be required to have special licensing to take you across state lines, but it’s still going to be a more complicated move than if you were moving across town.

Moving costs vary between companies, but it’s always going to be more expensive to move a long distance, precisely because it’s more complicated. It’s not just the mileage that matters, but also the time involved. Delays can happen for many reasons during a move, and this can result in higher costs. Before you hire a moving company, ask if they have a charging limit so that you won’t be charged after a certain number of hours, regardless of delays. Beyond the potentially higher cost associated with delay, there’s also the matter of your belongings spending more time in transit. You’ll want to have your things protected during this time, so hiring a moving company that provides packing services can be a boon. Knowing your household goods have been professionally packed can give you peace of mind when they’re in a truck for hours, headed to your new home.

Of course, whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, it pays to hire a full service moving company. Every move is different, and the typical local moving company may not have the knowledge and expertise required to handle the intricacies of your move. The easiest way to handle a move is with a white glove moving service that will handle everything from packing to loading the trucks to driving and unloading the trucks at your destination. This is the most convenient way to move, and for a long-distance move it’s a better option. You could hire local movers to load a truck that you’ll drive to your destination, then hire more local movers to unload it, but that leaves too much to chance. You want moving to be as stress-free as possible, with a low risk of unpleasant surprises.

Aside from hiring the right movers, what can you do to reduce the stress of a long distance move? Start by packing properly. If you’re not making use of your moving company’s packing services, make sure you’re using the highest quality packing supplies and proper packing methods to protect your items. Whether you pack them or you have them professionally packed, though, it still pays to have moving insurance. Some moving companies provide basic moving insurance for free, which is fine for local moves. However, if you are moving long distance, it’s worth spending some money for full insurance coverage. Even though 80 percent of moves do not result in insurance claims being filed, it’s still wise to acknowledge that unexpected events can happen, no matter how well you’ve planned and prepared, and the longer the distance, the higher the risk of the unexpected.

When you’re choosing a moving company to move your belongings a long distance, it’s also important to consider the movers’ area of service. A local moving company with affordable moving costs may be very well known in your area, which means they have industry connections that can help make your move run more smoothly. If you’re moving to an unfamiliar area, though, a local company may not be the optimal choice. Instead, you want a company that’s well known not only where you currently live, but also in the location to which you’re moving. Ideally, you will find a company that also has storage facilities. Sometimes, especially when moving long distance, complications can arise that keep you from being able to immediately situate your things in your new home. If you sign on with a moving company that doesn’t have storage facilities in the area, you could end up having to quickly research and rent a storage unit on your own, in an unfamiliar area. With every aspect of a long distance move, it’s best to have movers in your corner who are experienced, knowledgeable, and well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

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