What Items Will Movers Not Move?

Hiring professional movers is, well, a smart move. The right moving company can make your move much easier, helping with packing, moving, and even unpacking, if you that’s what you need. They’ll even supply packing material and take away the discarded materials. In fact, movers are so very helpful that it may surprise you to learn that there are some things movers will not move. What will movers not move? We’ll break it down for you, as well as explaining why this is the case.

Why Are There Items Movers Will Not Move?

Some items are too hazardous to be jostled around in a moving truck. Other things would not survive the move. Sometimes, things are too cumbersome or complicated, so movers will either not move them or will charge an additional fee to do so. (We’re looking at you, elliptical machine and piano.) The best course of action is to discuss your move carefully with your movers ahead of time, so that everyone knows exactly what to expect, and no one is unpleasantly surprised.

What Movers Will Not Move

So, what will movers not take? Here’s a basic list- check with your moving company for specifics.

  1. Food: This makes sense, because movers have no way to protect perishable items during a move. Plan to eat what you can, transport what you want in a cooler, and get rid of the rest before you move. Now, if you have unopened, non-perishables, those can be packed up and the movers will take them. It might be a better idea, though, to donate them to the local food pantry.
  2. High value items: Money, checkbooks, and expensive jewelry are not things movers want to take responsibility for, and neither are your important documents. If something will cost a lot to replace, the moving company does not want to be on the hook for it, so you will need to transport it yourself. This includes items with sentimental value, like irreplaceable items and family heirlooms.
  3. Things that are alive: Don’t expect your movers to move your plants and pets. First of all, it’s too much responsibility to keep living things alive. Second, if you are moving to another state, your moving company will be restricted on the plants they are allowed to bring across state lines.
  4. Things that might catch fire: Nail polish and nail polish remover, cleaning supplies, pool chemicals, yard chemicals, and grilling supplies all fall into this category. While your movers will move your grill or lawnmower, you’ll have to make sure there’s no gas or oil involved before those things go on the truck.
  5. Things that could explode: If you are a scuba diver, don’t expect your mover to move your gear. Scuba tanks contain pressurized gases, and may very well explode when bumped around in a moving truck. The same goes for your chemistry set, and any unused fireworks. Of course, fireworks are a no for another reason, too. If you’re crossing state lines, you likely fall under different laws in the new state.
  6. Firearms: No matter what kind of gun you have, or whether you’re just transporting ammunition, movers won’t touch these things. Aside from the danger of transporting firearms and ammunition, there’s the matter of differing state regulations. If you’re moving to a different state, your best bet is to find a federally licensed firearm dealer to ship them to you.
  7. Liquor: Not only is alcohol flammable, but because liquor laws vary between states, there are different restrictions on how much alcohol you can transport. You don’t really want the movers to transport your alcohol, though, especially if you have a valuable wine collection, because moving trucks aren’t climate-controlled and it’s easy for wine and expensive liquor to be damaged in transit.

Helpful Movers in Texas

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