Winter Moving Tips

Moving can be challenging any time of the year but even more so during the cold, wintry months. Inclement weather, shorter days, colder temperatures and less availability can all be factors in making an off-season move harder than it’s supposed to be. Follow these winter moving tips, and you just might save yourself some heartache.

Confirm contingency plans with your movers.

Make sure your movers have a plan for winter weather. Can they store items overnight or do they have warehouse space available? What’s their policy for jobs that cannot be run due to weather–are they bumped to the next day or canceled altogether?

Check the weather.

Knowing what’s ahead in the next 7 to 10 days can be invaluable. Create a plan if Mother Nature shows signs of not cooperating and be ready to reevaluate and adjust every day.

Have several options for your move day.

While it is generally true that the winter months are not the busiest in the moving industry, this is also tempered by the fact that many moving companies do not have as many crews available. Once you know your date, it is always best to reserve your crew to ensure availability.

Cover your floors.

Make sure your floors stay clean by using some plastic tarps and have plenty of floor mats available. Whether you are making small trips or you movers are there for the big move, the in and out traffic during the winter can be hard on your floors.

Treat your pets to a spa day.

Find a pet spa or simply just board your pets for the day. The constant in and out, the temperature changes due to doors being left open for ease of access can unnerve and bother your pets. Having them out of the way also ensures you or your movers get caught up with one of your pets underfoot causing an accident.

Clear off ice and snow.

Have some sand, salt or other material to throw down just in case.

Take extra care with electronics.

Electronics have come a long way, but one thing they still do not like is cold temperatures. For flat screen TV, have your mover bring out a TV kit or crate. These specially designed boxes provide that extra layer of protection from damage and cold that will keep them operating flawlessly.

Make sure you have an extra pair of warm clothes, gloves, scarves and socks. No one likes being cold and wet, so be prepared just in case!

While moving any time of year can be problematic, winter moving sets out some special concerns and unique challenges. Use these winter moving tips because being prepared is always in season.