Winter Moving Tips in Texas

Steps to Take for Moving in the Texas Winter

Are you planning to move during the winter months? At Firefighting’s Finest Movers & Storage, we understand that the cold weather, shorter days, and inclement conditions can make moving more challenging than usual. But don’t worry. We’re here to help! With our expert winter moving tips, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from packing to transportation, to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure throughout the journey. So why take on the challenge of a winter move alone when you can trust the professionals at Firefighting’s Finest Movers & Storage to get you there? Contact us today, and let us take the hassle out of your winter move. We proudly help residential and commercial moves throughout Dallas, Austin, Forth-Worth, and Houston.

Confirm Contingency Plans With Your Movers

Make sure your movers have a contingency plan for winter weather. Can they store your items overnight or provide warehouse space if needed? What’s their policy for jobs that cannot be completed due to weather?

Contact your movers and confirm these details in advance. A day or two before your move, touch base with your movers to confirm dates, times, contingencies, and costs. Be sure to discuss how they plan to deal with snow or rain, and consider having old sheets and blankets on hand to cover your furniture in case of unexpected weather on your move-out date.

With Firefighting’s Finest Movers & Storage, you can trust that we have a solid winter moving plan in place to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation. We also have plenty of climate-controlled space to store your valuable items during the move.

Check The Weather

Knowing what’s ahead in the next 7 to 10 days can be invaluable. Create a plan if Mother Nature shows signs of not cooperating and be ready to reevaluate and adjust every day. Consider that severe winter weather, such as snowstorms or blizzards, could cause you to reschedule your move.

It’s important to keep open communication with your move coordinator during this critical time to ensure everyone is up-to-date and a contingency plan is in place in case of postponement. Remember to remain calm and adaptable in any situation.

Reserve Us Early & Check In

As your moving day approaches, it’s important to stay in touch with our team and confirm all the details, such as the schedule, contingency plans, and pricing. It’s also a good idea to have some old sheets or blankets on hand in case you need to protect your furniture from unexpected weather conditions on the day of your move.

We do our best to protect your valuables, but extra support never hurts. So, take a few minutes to touch base with our crew a day or two before your scheduled move date to ensure everything is set for a smooth and hassle-free move. We’ll always do our best to stay in contact with you to confirm your moving dates when inclement weather arises.

Protect Your Floors

To prevent the harsh winter elements from damaging your new home, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions. During a winter move, your floors can be at risk of sludge, snow, ice, and mud that can make a mess of your new space.

To avoid this, place floor mats at entrances to all outside doors and cover wood and tile floors with plastic tarps. If your new home has carpeting, use cardboard sheets to cover walkways and prevent any accidental damage. This small investment of time and effort will save you money and hassle down the line.

Know that our professional moving teams do everything possible to help protect your floors and property, making sure not to track dirt, snow, and ice through your home.

Have a Plan for Your Pets

Find a pet spa or simply just board your pets for the day. People constantly coming in and out of doors being left open for ease of access can unnerve and bother your pets. Having them out of the way also ensures you or your movers get caught up with one of your pets underfoot, causing an accident.

Stock Up on Supplies & Clear Snow

Be prepared for snowy conditions by keeping salt, sand, and a shovel at both your current and new homes. A snow blower is a bonus. Keep a space heater handy in case of extremely low temperatures near an entrance or cold area, but be cautious.

Texas doesn’t usually get harsh winters, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your move. Make sure you have an extra pair of warm clothes, gloves, scarves, and socks. No one likes being cold and wet, so be prepared just in case!

Protect Your Electronics

Modern electronics have made significant strides, but one thing they can’t tolerate is frigid temperatures. To ensure the safety of your TV during your move, request that we bring a TV kit or crate. These boxes are specifically engineered to provide an extra layer of protection against damage and cold temperatures that could disrupt their smooth operation.

Schedule Your Move Today!

Just because it’s winter in Texas doesn’t mean you can’t move. We have years of experience helping companies and families move in all conditions. Our professional moving teams take pride in safely, securely, and efficiently move your items with ease.

While moving any time of year can be problematic, winter moving sets out some special concerns and unique challenges. Use these winter moving tips because being prepared is always in season. Contact us today to schedule your move.