Our Austin Team of Local Movers


Position: Executive Vice President Moving Experience: 17 years Affiliations: Fort Worth Fire Dept, Grapevine Fire Dept, Federal Fire Service, U.S. Navy – veteran Certifications: TCC Fire Science Program, TCC Fire Academy, TCC EMT &Paramedic School, Engineer FWFD, Hazmat Tech FWFD, Technical Rescue Certified FWFD, Building Collapse Rescue Certified FWFD, Rescue Diver Certified FWFD, TCFP Instructor Certified On The Job Funniest Moment: I’m not a fan of black cricket bugs. While working a fire dept shift at station #7 the crew was informed of my dislike for cricket bugs. While sleeping in my dorm room the other crew members thought it was a funny idea to capture a few large jars of big black crickets. They waited until I was in a deep sleep and opened my door to release the jars of crickets. This was a rather rude awakening to crickets chirping and crawling through out my bed and entire room. RUDE AWAKENING! Most Impressive Item Moved: I was the crew lead on a very high end expensive life size Trojan horse relocation. The item needed to be relocated from a jewelry store to the owner’s house. The Trojan horse was gold plated and covered in many different jewelry pieces. We moved the item without flaw and received a hefty tip from the owner. Brush with greatness: I was given the opportunity to attend the Fox NFL Sunday Broadcast at the Fox Studios. Had the honor to shake hands and pose for a photo with Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw, Kurt Menifee, Micheal Strahan, and Jay Glazier. Hobbies: Softball, Golf, Long distance running, swimming, biking, weight lifting. Long Term Goals: To be the best husband and father possible, to promote and develop Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage Inc. To serve and protect the citizens of Fort Worth while on duty at the Fort Worth Fire Dept until I retire. Strive to excellence through benevolence using the platforms of FFMS and FWFD.

Derrick Potter, Founder at Firefighting's Finest Moving & StorageDerrick Potter

The Staff

Position: Director of Operations Moving Experience: 6+ years Affiliations: Former USMC; friend of Fort Worth Firefighter and FFMS coworker, Chris Escobar Certifications: FFMS Crew Lead Certified On The Job Funniest Moment:  Most Impressive Item Moved: A framed Revolutionary War-era US Flag tattered from flying on a naval ship Brush with greatness: Moved former safety from Dallas Cowboys, Roy Williams Hobbies: Travel, reading, music Long Term Goals: Continued success at Firefighting’s Finest! Specific Customer Reviews: 

Position: Sales Manager Moving Experience: 6 years Affiliations: USAF (self); Fort Worth Firefighter Dallas Muir; USAF / retired Abilene PD – father; US Navy – brother; US Army – Mother Certifications: Certified Moving Consultant, FFMS Crew Lead Certified On The Job Funniest Moment: Coworker high-pitched screaming after a cat jumped out of a hidden spot in the storage unit we were moving; two ladies set lawn chairs up next to our truck to watch us load/unload Most Impressive Item Moved: To keep a day open for our company party we had to move a large 4,000 square foot house in 3 – 4 hours the day before, using our whole fleet of trucks Brush with greatness: Moving consultant for former Dallas Cowboys lineman Marco River and performed the on-site walkthrough of his house before the move; former Texas Rangers great Rusty Greer at a company party Hobbies: Local sports and my kids Long Term Goals: Continue with a successful career at Firefighting’s Finest Specific Customer Reviews: 

Position: Senior Moving Consultant / Community Outreach Coordinator Moving Experience: 18 years Affiliations: Fort Worth Fire Department retired Certifications: Certified Moving Consultant On The Job Funniest Moment:  Most Impressive Item Moved:: A $40,000 restored juke box Brush with greatness: Former Super Bowl winning Denver Bronco, Matt Lepsis; consulted a move for a retired Secret Service agent that served on two former First Ladies’ details Hobbies: Exercise, hunting, spending time with family Long Term Goals: Future branch manager at Firefighting’s Finest Specific Customer Reviews: 

The Movers

Position: Crew Lead Moving Experience: 3 years Affiliations: Friend of Dallas Firefighter, Jeff Pursley Certifications: FFMS Crew Lead Certified On The Job Funniest Moment:  Most Impressive Item Moved: Grand piano Brush with greatness:  Hobbies: Working out, playing sports, being outdoors Long Term Goals: Finish school, become an architect Specific Customer Reviews: 

Position: Crew Lead / Crew Lead Trainer Moving Experience: 10 years Affiliations:  Certifications: DOT, FFMS Crew Lead Certified On The Job Funniest Moment:  Most Impressive Item Moved: Multi-million dollar move of corporate artwork Brush with greatness: Randy Galloway Hobbies: Running, cycling, golf, carpentry, music Long Term Goals:  Specific Customer Reviews: 

Position: Crew Lead Moving Experience: 2 years Affiliations & Certifications: N/A On The Job Funniest Moment: Ryan Giles telling me I am immature. Most Impressive Item Moved: A set of marble-topped desks. What Makes you Great: The way I work, my friendliness and customer service. Hobbies: Soccer and poker. Long Term Goals: To move up in the company. Something About You Most People don’t know: I have played soccer my whole life. Best Concert/Event You’ve Ever Been To: Super Bowl, Raiders vs. Bucs. Describe what providing great customer service means to you: Making sure the customer knows that we are there to meet their every need.