Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company vs. Doing it Yourself

Moving is overwhelming just to think about. You load all of your belongings into a truck only to unload them when you get to your new home. It’s a task that’s much easier said than done. It takes planning, coordination, time, and money.

According to the Census Bureau, the average American moves nearly 12 times in their life. 

It’s a challenge that some people enjoy. For others, they much prefer hiring a moving company to help them. Here are several reasons why a professional moving company can alleviate the stress of moving.

Less Labor

Hiring a moving company means less heavy work for you. We will assist you in moving heavy belongings such as pianos, TVs, and furniture. For some people, this is a relief if they have difficulty picking up heavy objects. We’ll also help you unload the truck after you move to your new home.
We’re professionals for a reason. We know how to properly transport large items from your home. We pay attention to details and avoid damaging possessions. While we handle the moving, this allows you to focus on your family or pets you are moving. You also don’t have to ask friends to give up a Saturday or ask a friend with a pickup truck to help you.

Moving Efficiently

Movers show up ready to move. We’ll show up on time ready to load and unload your belongings. With hours of experience and training, we’ll move efficiently. We know your time is valuable, and we can have your home packed and moved within 48 hours.

Assurance Guaranteed

First impressions mean a lot. Professional movers will listen to your requirements and develop a plan around that. We’ll work with your schedule to make sure your move is easy and seamless. Homeowners are hesitant to hand over their belongings because they feel they’re no longer in control. However, we make sure you’re still in complete control of the move by communicating with you each step of the move and listening to your requests and concerns.

Trusted Movers

Trusted moving companies are licensed and insured. In most states, moving companies must provide a state-level DOT number to comply with FMCSA guidelines. We provide both the Texas DMV number and USDOT number, which is found in the website’s footer. We screen new employees with a background check and drug test.

We make sure that you’re at peace of mind. Our goal is always the same: make your move as simple as can be. 

Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By hiring professional movers, we do all the work for you. Our trusted and experienced staff will make your move easy. Hiring a moving company may cost more, but in the end, it’s worth it. We take away the headache of coordinating and moving your belongings. We’re the movers you can trust to get the job done right.
If you’re beginning the process of moving, contact us today or fill out our estimate form. Whether you’re moving across town or across Texas, we’d love to help. Don’t gamble when hiring a moving company. Choose the movers you can trust.