How to Prepare for a Corporate Office Move

Preparing for a business move to a new location can be a sign that your business is taking a next step, but it can also be extremely overwhelming and time consuming. To make the move run smoothly and reduce the stress of your employees, proper planning and organization is imperative.

While it’s key to remember that the corporate relocation process can vary depending on the size and location of the move, we have created a general checklist to refer to during the corporate moving process to help you stay on task and smoothly transition office spaces.

One Year Before the Move

This is the time to assemble your moving game plan, assign employees to represent departments during the move, and designate an internal moving team leader to put in place the next steps.

  • Choose an internal employee to be the main point of contact and organizer for the entire move.
  • Choose department leads to work under the main point of contact to organize department moves. Meet regularly to discuss the progress of the move.
  • Research moving companies in the area that have experience in corporate moves. Consider the level of certifications that the company has and how they vet their employees. Meet with their management to discuss the details of the move.
  • Hire a moving company for your desired time frame.
  • Order any new furniture or items that will go in the new location.

Four Months Before the Move

Four Months Before the Move

As the date of the move approaches, it’s time to order any last-minute equipment and let your moving company take tours of your facilities. This is also the time to discuss setting up telephone and internet.

  • Order any machines or electronics to be added to the new location.
  • Invite your moving company into your current building to discuss logistics and concerns for the move.
  • Contact your phone and internet companies to arrange a process and time for the internet and phone transfers and installation.
  • Create a moving instruction and orientation sheet for all employees to refer to before and during the move.

Two Months Before the Move

  • Label all furniture that is to be moved with color coordinated labels, and color coordinate the areas of the new building that you would like the furniture to be placed in.
  • Review the new furniture layout with the moving team.
  • Make prints of the new floor plan for all employees and moving staff.

One Month Before the Move

  • Order all boxes and moving materials.
  • Prepare a grid for furniture placement.
  • Complete packing in common areas of the office.

Two Weeks Before the Move

  • Finalize all plans with the moving team.
  • Provide a detailed moving schedule to all employees.
  • Schedule the installation of furniture in the new location.

One Week Before the Move

  • Make sure all furniture is labeled with color-coded labels.
  • Put up directional signs to guide staff and movers through the move.
  • Photograph both the old and new locations in case of damages.

The Day Before the Move

  • Make sure all employees have packed their belongings.
  • Have all of the members of the internal moving team finalize the organization of their departments.
  • Do one final run-through of what needs to be moved, and ensure that all employees are aware of the schedule.

The Day of the Move

  • Have the mover place wall and floor protection in both buildings to prevent damages.
  • Have members of the move team delegating at both locations.
  • Throw away or repurpose empty boxes and move extra items to storage.
  • Do another walk-through and make a list of any damages.

Moving a corporate office can be a huge undertaking for internal staff. So, hiring a mover who is experienced and trusted in the industry can make the process significantly easier. At Firefighting’s Finest Moving & Storage, we can provide the ideal corporate moving experience and work with your moving team to help you finalize and execute your plans. For more information, or to book a moving date, contact us today.